Project 1 / Quarter 1



This project is a chance for you to show off all you have learned this quarter. Create an original and interesting animation that includes all of the important things you’ve learned in your tutorials.


It must include:


1.   A 3d sphere and rod. 10 pts

a.  Each must be a different color and have a 5 pix border
5 pts

2.   An arc, 10 pix thick 15 pts

3.   Some large, meaningful text 5 pts

4.   Resize the movie to 900 px wide and 700 px high 5 pts

5.   There should be a collision in your animation 15 pts

a.  There should be more than one motion 15 pts


Your animation will also be graded on 3 addition factors:

A)  Creative (different than tutorials) 10 pts

B)  Realistic 10 pts

C)  Interesting 10 pts