Tips for Making YouTube Videos

1. I highly recommend the Flip HD ultra 120 min video camera

a. Very bright colors, wide video, simple to use and transfer to computer

2. Invest in a tripod

3. Film in bright places and invest in extra lighting

a) Fluorescent lighting creates dim videos.

4. Finding good subject matter

a. Demos

b. Museums, science competition, Science Fairs, teacher workshops

c. Improve on an existing YouTube video (i.e. shorter)

d. Task Breakdown - Outline steps of a difficult lab activities (refraction)

e. Out of copyright videos – i.e. – Prelinger Archives

5. Filming tips

a. Brief and to the point.

b. Under 2 minutes.

c. Break up long videos in two

d. Bring camera as close as possible (good for camera shy)

6. Increasing number of user views

a. Include a good description

b. Use relevant keywords

c. Organize your videos into playlists

7. Editing

a. QuickTime Pro ($30 USD), Windows Live Movie Maker (Free)

8. Making your videos educationally sound

a. Include text annotations or narration

b. Insert strategic pauses

9. Ain’t nothing like the real thing????? - When is video better than the real thing?

a. Slow motion (high frame rate)

b. Able to pause and rewind dynamic processes

c. Enables students to get a closer view

d. Students can get a 2nd and 3rd look at your demos when they go home